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Social Made Easy

podcast-first social content packages for SMEs

Yusuf Yeganeh Director.png

Yusuf Yeganeh, Director

Microbyte and White Label IT

I was honestly blown away when I first saw the finished content schedule.


Noisy Badger had captured the tone of our business and created content that integrated perfectly into our marketing strategy.

It's no coincidence that within weeks of posting our videos, I was invited to speak not only at industry events, but on the BBC too.

The interviews really help show who we are as an organisation.

Social Made Easy Brochure

Think of Noisy Badger as your virtual web and social content manager.​

Whether you love social media or consider it a necessary evil, it's not always easy to find fresh angles for content that delivers value to your prospects while promoting your company's products and services.


Building on ten years of experience supporting SMEs, we've developed a simple, affordable service that helps you get on top of both your regular and campaign-specific social output while spotlighting internal talent.


It's simple...

Two hours of your time = three months of social content.

For a set monthly fee, you'll get web content in the form of blogs and videos, as well as two to three social posts a week to keep your audience engaged.

All it takes is one quarterly video podcast session with one of our experienced presenters, and you'll get three blogs, at least 10 video clips and 30+ pieces of quality content for your social channels, all brought together in a content plan that includes text, hashtags and URLs.

It's always a pleasure working with Hajar. She's a great presenter and knows how to keep a conversation flowing.


It's like having a TV news journalist - but one who's on your side and wants to celebrate what your business does.

headway wealth.png

Michelle Parkhouse, Marketing Director

Headway Wealth

What is podcast-first content?

Podcast-first puts your conversations, insights and expertise at the heart of your web and social strategy.



A high-quality podcast interview hosted on your site and clipped into short videos for social content


One blog a month built around your voice, covering industry themes and topics your clients care about


We use your branding to create attractive and engaging social media posts to boost brand visibility

We'll spin your brand's voice into gold

(and months of digital content)

With a journalistic approach, we research your SME, industry and target audience and build you a podcast-first content strategy that gets to the heart of your business, mission and values while creating value for your audience. 

We book in quarterly recording days (remote or in-studio/on-site) and ask you the questions that will not only make great video podcasts, but will work for your website and social media too.

Morteza Maliki.webp

Morteza Maleki, Director

House of Influence

I was impressed by how much content came from one video.


Noisy Badger turned an interview with a special guest into our most-read article - you can tell they've gone the extra mile to make the piece informative and readable. 

Social Made Easy Brochure
Read our brochure and drop us a line to find out more 
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