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For Commissioners and Production Companies

Help us create podcasts that amplify working-class voices and unconventional stories.

Our decade's worth of happy corporate clients is testament to the high levels of service and output we provide, and now we want do more to shape our media landscape and amplify the stories and voices we care about. 

Want to hear our podcast ideas? Let's set up a meeting and we'll pitch you our best.

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Great Audio

Founder Hajar J. Woodland started out in audio when she was just 16, presenting award-winning programmes for BBC Radio Leicester. She's since produced voiceovers and videos for corporates and SMEs alike and works with the industry's most respected live and studio audio engineers and consultants to produce high-quality sound and engaging content.

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Multimedia Assets

Delivering a great programme requires more than just the audio file. With our team of content creators and social experts, we can provide a full content strategy as well as a suite of shareable and accessible digital content to accompany our programmes.

Dream Suppliers

We really are. We deliver on time, in full and with a smile. We've worked with so many different types of businesses and individuals over the years that we're super attuned to different working styles and processes. We anticipate the needs of stakeholders at every level, while foreseeing and navigating the inevitable bumps and forks in the road.

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Fresh Perspectives

Our mission is to amp up working-class voices and unconventional stories, and every stage of our production reflects this mission. This helps you do more than represent people; it gives fresh perspectives and vital angles to your programmes that will make them more powerful and reach new audiences.

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Amping up working-class voices and unconventional stories

Should an average brain with public school polish have more power and influence than an Einstein in a tracksuit?

Our life chances are determined by the intersections of our identity but in Britain one thing above all else has the biggest impact on our futures: class.

Class – and its overlap with education and financial stability – determines the extent to which your future grows from a seed of passion and purpose, or from one of survival and financial necessity.

The UK is a class-obsessed society. Golden handshakes and centuries-old traditions guarantee futures for the privileged at the expense of our brightest brains. Public school-educated people disproportionately dominate the public spheres, from elite sports and media to academia and politics.

Those born swimming upstream should form a far bigger part of national discourse than they do.

And that’s what Noisy Badger want to address.

We don't want to make misery programming that puts identity under a magnifying glass.


Instead, we want to use our experience and understanding of identity to seek out and amplify the voices that don't get the mic as much, so they can talk about what they know, not just who they are. 

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Info for broadcasters

If you're a BBC commissioner, we're registered on Proteus - drop us a line if there's a specific tender you'd like us to pitch for.

Below you'll find links to key policies and values, so you can rest assured that our working practices, processes and values meet your standards.

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